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Creepy Piping Bag Full of Deliciousness

I decided to make a stop at Termini Bros, a legendary Philly cannoli spot that has been around since 1921 and has expanded to multiple locations. I decided to go to the one in Reading Terminal Market simply because it was an excuse to go to RT and binge eat. For those that aren’t hip to the Philly scene, Reading Terminal Market is an indoor food bonanza full of neon signs and iconic Philly staples. If you get overwhelmed by options or do not want to eat 4+ meals in one sitting/have no self-control, the market may not be for you.

It took some time to track down my cannoli target in the market because it is impossible not to get distracted by all of the other yummy treats. There are a ton of bakeries in the market, but only one dared offer the sacred cannoli. As soon as I gazed upon the bright pink Termini Bros sign, I knew I found the good stuff. Below the sign were tons of delicious items and a tray of cannoli shells just begging to be stuffed.

Something that strikes me as odd was there was a piping bag full of cannoli filling hanging from a rope. It honestly creeped me out at first but once I saw how quickly they were filling up these cannoli it made me appreciate the hanging bag. Why waste time picking up a bag when it could be swinging right in front of you? Sure, it may not be aesthetically pleasing and probably a pain to refill but screw it. I am glad that they have their eyes on the prize which is getting out the lovely cannoli as quickly as possible to all of the bakery addicts.

I got two cannoli and watched them be filled in real time which got me extremely excited. There is nothing like watching a cannolo be stuffed. Unlike some of the previous cannoli places, there was only one type of cannoli and as an indecisive person, this was greatly appreciated. The simplicity of the ordering process has inspired me to learn these 3 magic words in as many languages as possible, “two cannoli please.” Yes, I am one person, but a single cannolo in a box looks sad and I also have two hands… I did find out later that they do offer vanilla and chocolate cream fillings, but I must have given off the ~classic ricotta vibe~ because that was what I received and am thankful for it.

Soon I found a place to enjoy the delicacy in front of me and my tastebuds were in for a ride. The chocolate chips were in the filling which was a nice change from the previous cannoli. I am a chocolate lover so bring on the chips! What I did not see coming though was the little pieces of candied fruit that were also in the filling. I was confused but not mad at it because who doesn’t need more fruit in their diet.

After some research, I have discovered that the fruit was imported Italian citron, which gives the filling a citrusy taste. I now know that you will find candied melon rinds in OG Sicilian cannoli filling. Termini Bros have been using the same cannoli method for 100 years with legit every detail staying the same. They even use the same brand of ricotta cheese! (Calabro Cheese, in case you were curious).

This was a fun adventure and a perfect excuse to get out of the house so thank you Termini Bros for being a solid stop on my Cannoli Hunt.

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