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Late Night Cannoli

I officially started the Cannoli Hunt at Rim Café in the Italian Market. The Italian Market aka the spot with a solid cannoli selection and all Italian goodies in Philly, was the best place to start my mission. When I got to this magical street, I quickly realized that things closed much earlier than I was expecting. I guess not everyone likes eating cannoli all throughout the day and night like me. While eating my feelings with a large slice of cheesy goodness (Pizza) I stumbled (literally) upon a neon cannoli heaven.

Rim Café is located on the corner of 9th and Federal and is right before the cheesesteak big-shots, Pat’s and Geno's. Seeing “Rim Café” in large neon lights with fun decorations had me running to their cannoli. The ambiance inside and out was unique and inviting. I stepped inside and headed straight for the cannoli case. Before me stood a beautiful wall of all different kinds of shells just waiting to be stuffed. I started chatting with anyone that would listen, and it turned out to be the owners. They are the sweetest couple who have been together for over 40 years, so it’s safe to say that cannoli are the key to a successful marriage.

The friendly owners gave me the cannoli intel which was that they import their shells from Palermo, Sicily and pipe them with creamy mascarpone and ricotta filling. The filling was classic, chocolate chip free, and made to order. They had chocolate dipped shells that they dip in-house and add yummy toppings. Since I’m in Philly I obviously had to get one with jimmies, but don’t worry I also got a classic shell as well. Ok I got 4.

Rim Café is a legit and delish late-night cannoli spot. Thanks to my poor time management skills, I found this cannoli gem and I’m so glad that I did!

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