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Laziness Blessed Me with a Cannoli Kit

This week’s cannoli feature was inspired by my laziness and inability to change out of my pajamas. I had some legendary cannoli delivered by the one and only, Isgro Pasticceria. Every person I have asked for a Philly cannoli recommendation has pointed me in Isgro’s direction. Isgro's has been in the cannoli game since 1904 and you can truly taste the history. I love how such an old school bakery can change with the times and deliver straight to my door. #blessed

When I was scrolling through their menu, I noticed all of the different flavors of filling such as vanilla cream, chocolate mouse and mascarpone cannoli.

Naturally I wanted to try them all, but I decided to give the bakery a ring and asked them for some insider info on which was the best cannoli flavor. I was instructed that I had to try the classic ricotta. Done, you don’t have to tell me twice! But then something else caught my eye during my scrolling session. I noticed a cannoli kit, which included 6 shells, ricotta filling, a piping bag and chocolate chips.

First delivery and now a fun activity, my world has been rocked!

When the cannoli kit arrived at my doorstep, I suddenly realized that all of the reality baking TV shows I have watched were training me for this moment. This was my first experience with a piping bag so I felt extremely legit and might have found my new passion of piping baked goods. I’m not going to lie; it was impossible not to eat the ricotta cream straight from the container. I would recommend doing this activity with a partner so they can take the delicious filling away when you start eating it by the spoonful.

These cannoli did not disappoint. The ricotta cream was crazy flavorful, and the shells were so fresh and crunchy. Isgro’s is totally worth the hype. The best part of the kit is that I can pipe a fresh cannolo whenever I am in the mood, which is 24/7. Finally, my laziness has paid off.

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