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The Haunting Cannoli

Eating cannoli on the regular has been a delicious experience that my waist will never forget. I wish I could continue living my life constantly eating Italian pastries, but sadly my jeans are begging me to take a break. The point of my Cannoli Hunt was to find the cannoli that would completely rock my world. I was hoping to be forever altered by the life changing treat and I think I found THE ONE.

Isgro Pasticceria makes the cannoli of my dreams! The shell and the filling are so distinctive and haunt my tastebuds in the best way possible. Please check out for a refresher on the magic that is the Isgro cannoli. I am counting down the days until my cannoli diet is over and I can stuff my face with these gems again. Thank you Isgro’s for changing my life for the better and introducing me to my one true love, your cannoli. <3

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